Rise of the Guardians

StormSlayer Journal VII
returning heroes

We ave completed our latest quest and are now on the return trip to Overlook to what I am sure will be a heroes welcome. The Nexus has been sealed and Orc hordes have been pushed back. My party has fared well and we have much bounty to be used in our return and perhaps towards that veterans armor of which i was eyeing earlier.

The battles were extensive in the Nexus and Palors Hammer of Justice was called into action to crackle with fiery vengeance in revenge of the slain dwarfs. Here is a simple image of what i have been tasked with as defender for this party


I am usually surrounded and taking the brunt of the fight, but that is my station and I do not shy from it. I have begun to question our onboarding of Kur. He is a keeper of secrets and i am not sure he is entirely on our side in the event of his brethren orc as he seems to converse with them often in battle and yet we always end up in quarrel.

He has also taken to some form of Orc cannibalism. i am not sure if it is for subsistence or pleasure but he has taken to the eating of his kills after he defeats them. He seems t be an outcast among his people form what i can ascertain.

Well enough for now i need rest and the next adventure awaits…..

Fantor's Journal 10

At the bottom of the cavern was the smithy for the monastery. There we encountered an ogre/orc hybrid, the largest we’ve seen thus far, beating up a dwarf, while a number of orcs looked on. Noticing our arrival, they turned and attacked. Kur exchanged words, then blows with the brute, before almost knocking me down in his haste to flee the battlefield. I don’t know why we let him do the talking, seems to only end up with us getting attacked by orcs. Fortunately, we were able to defeat “Og”, at least I think that’s what Kur called him, and the other orcs, saving the dwarf in the process.

Fantor's Journal 9

The trapdoor led down to the sleeping chambers, where we found a number of monks slain in their beds, their killers — some orcs and a couple of orc/ogre hybrids — sifting through their remains. We quickly slew these foes then proceeded to the balcony on the opposite side of the room, where it opened up on a cavern, with a winding stone staircase leading downward. There were 4 orc crossbowmen on the landings below us that kept firing at us. Shemnon and I focused on them while the rest of the group made their way down the precarious staircase to engage the other orcs in melee. Two small drakes kept swooping down on them from above, making their descent more hazardous.

At one point Reed attempted to teleport out into midair to grab one of the drakes, but he missed and plummeted down into the depths, his small body laying shattered upon the rocks. I thought surely he was dead this time, but due to the valiant, albeit crazy, efforts of Stormslayer and Shemnon they were able to retrieve his body and revive him. How many more times must we save this suicidal halfling? How many more healing potions must we waste?

Fantor's Journal 8

We reached Overlook without further issues, though the guards outside the city weren’t too helpful in directing us where to go. Apparently they mistook us for refugees, as they tried to direct us to the Nine Bells district, can you believe that? Fortunately, I’d read about Overlook previously, and knew about the different districts within it, and with Shemnon’s help we were able to figure out how to traverse the city to the Blister district, where mercenaries can typically find work.

Reed somehow managed to finagle a discount from the proprietor of the Pig & Bucket Inn by claiming we were the Far Striders, and Varistan was kind enough to foot the bill for all of us. While I’m certain this will come back to bite us in the end, it certainly felt good to be able to take a hot bath and get a good night’s rest.

The next morning we, along with other adventuring groups, had an audience with the Council of Elders. We were met by cold stares from the Far Striders, so apparently word has spread of Reed’s deception. The Council tasked our group with warning the monks at the Monastery of the Sundered Chain up in the mountains of the impending attack from the Red Hand.

Our trek to the monastery was uneventful, but unfortunately it seems we have arrived too late. The gates to the monastery were ajar and within the courtyard we found orcs greedily devouring the corpses of the monks. We slew the orcs then hurried inside the monastery, hoping against hope to find some survivors.

Inside the monastery we found more orcs — a couple of archers, a few grunts, and a shaman of some sort. Kur charged forth and hacked the shaman to bits, while Reed, Stormslayer and Gypsum went after the archers. Shemnon and I provided backup for Kur as Varistan moved up to assist. During the battle, more orcs poured forth from a trapdoor beneath the altar. Fortunately, we were able to slay all of them without suffering grievous injuries. The only other exit from the room besides the one through which we came was the trapdoor, so we headed through it.

Fantor's Journal 7

We returned to Brindol after clearing out the catacombs under the ruins of Rivenroar. We were successful on our quest to find the stolen items, and while we found all of the kidnapped villagers, we were too late to save Kartenix. Stormslayer was able to keep the hammer, as it somehow reacted to his touch, exhibiting behavior that Sertanian claims it never had before. I’d be most interested in inspecting it in more detail, but the paladin won’t let it out of his sight, going so far as to sleep with it cradled in his arms.

We were notified upon our return that the assault on Brindol was one of many in the area. The Red Hand is on the move again. After purchasing mounts and restocking supplies, we set off for Overlook, to answer their call to arms, with the intent of nipping this in the bud before things get out of control. Along the way we encountered some orcs, at least one of whom Kur knew. The two of them conversed, but whatever Kur said to him caused the orcs to attack. You’d think by now we should know better than to let Kur do the talking, but he’s the only one of us that speaks Giant. We slew the other orcs, then sat back to watch Kur square off against their leader. However, it was Shemnon that got in the killing blow, guess there really is no honor amongst thieves.

StormSlayer Journal VI
The deed is done.

The Deed has been completed we have returned to Brindol with the missing villagers and items in tow. Sadly one brave soul did not make it back and he will be remembered in Bahamats honor court.

Upon return the Hammer of Justice was inspected and awarded to me to carry as it exhibits an unusual power and glow as I wield it at the enemies of Bahamut. There is a pommel gem or item missing and no historian can recollect its purpose. I will keep a sharp eye and ear for tales of this weapon to investigate its purpose further. Till then it shall spill blood in the wake of my justice.

The town awarded us a prize of gold for our service and I have negotiated a suit of magical armor very similar to normal plate but it seems to be lighter and stronger in battle as I have already tested.

We ran into a band of orcs on the trail as we rode on our latest call of honor. I was atop my Arabian Stallion, Thunder, as Kur seemed to be parleying our passage through. Then all of a sudden they were upon us. The hammer of justice and armor of invincibility served me well in battle and soon we were down to one. A particularly ugly one, the relation to Kur was very definite. They seemed to have a grudge to settle so I stayed at the ready, but let Kur handle this squabble. He was about to strike deaths blow when the thief took the light from the dog’s eye. Kur lashed out in anger at the thief at this action, as i said before they must have been related.

…so now we continue on our journey.

Fantor's Journal 6

Sinruth is dead! It wasn’t an easy fight, though. In fact, I don’t think my teammates would have been able to kill him without me, as he was wearing a considerable amount of armor which made it difficult for them to harm him with weapons, but had no effect against my spells. After the battle, Sertanian was able to identify the helm and gauntlets that Sinruth had been wearing as two of the items we’re looking for. Now we just need to find the hammer and 3 shields that are still missing.

Between interrogating the goblin captive, discussions with the villagers we’ve saved thus far, and a note we found on Sinruth’s body, we’ve learned a number of important things. First, some 3rd party is the mastermind behind the goblin assault on Brindol. Not surprising, really, as goblins and hobgoblins aren’t smart enough to devise something like that on their own. Second, Sinruth and his crew were holing up here in the ruins of Castle Rivenroar, awaiting reinforcements, so we’d best not stay here much longer. Third, the guard captain, Kartenix, is plotting an escape attempt. Hopefully we can free him before he gets himself killed. Fourth, seems there’s a wight in charge of the undead around here. The goblins have an arrangement with the undead where so long as the former provide sacrifices to the latter, the undead will leave them alone. We need to hurry up and save the remaining kidnapped villagers, lest they get fed to the undead.

Kur's Honor Chronicle: 4th Entry

So much for getting any sleep. Just as I had laid out my bedroll I began to hear goblin chittering the door. It’s a good thing I was around to hear it otherwise the entire group would have wound up in some goblin’s stew tonight.

Instead of sticking around in the room we were in to get ambushed and slaughtered, we decided to do the slaughtering ourselves. We burst into the next room and laid waste to the goblins and magma claws that were preparing to burst in on us. My comrades fought well for the most part, except for Nancy, the glory theif. I’m not sure how his god decided to bestow gifts upon him. If I were a god, I probably would avoid giving my powers to someone who can’t help but to trip over his own weapon.

At any rate, we managed to kill all of our enemies in this part of the tomb and find two more of the kidnapped villagers. The one doesn’t look very good though. I think she is unclean. Speaking of which, the rats we fought in the tomb took a chunk out of Varistan as well (orcs would never be bested by a rat, but I guess that’s why Varistan chose to become a cleric instead of a warrior). He is not looking well. We’ll have to keep an eye on him.

Fantor's Journal 5

The clumsiness that was afflicting Gypsum is apparently some sort of communicable disease or curse. Naturally, StormSlayer was the first to contract it, given Gypsum shadows him like some little puppy. Varistan and Kur were next to succumb, though I think they got it from StormSlayer, not Gypsum, as he’s always spending time with them, boasting of his deeds. So far Shemnon and I seem to be immune, but I’ll keep my distance just in case.

We never did get that long rest we’d hoped for… we’d barely finished barricading the stairs and started to settle down to sleep when Kur heard goblins speaking as they entered the room in which we slew the zombies. Fortunately, we were able to slay the goblins and their Magma Claws fairly easily. I quickly realized that they’d come from one of the unexplored areas from the previous floor, and finally managed to convince the others of the folly of leaving those 3 passageways unexplored.

So, we took the stairs in the eastern wall and in a side passage we found Sertanian, the castellan of the museum, locked up. After Shemnon freed him we discovered that the short cloak he had been using to keep warm was magical. Once notified of this, Sertanian gladly handed it over as a gift for freeing him. While it probably would have been most useful for our suicidal halfling, it was too large for him, so Gypsum ended up receiving it instead.

Next, we proceeded east, down a hallway which turned north into a triangular room with a magical portal along the base of it, and passageways at each vertex. While we were examining the portal, two specters and a duo of ochre jellies came through it. This battle was tough, the jellies split in twain when they got low on health, and the specters are difficult to harm due to being insubstantial. By the end of the battle, most of our melee contingent was pretty beaten up, but we pressed on anyways.

Sure enough, the passageway in the northern wall led back to the hallway with the pits, while the passageway to the east turned north and led to the barracks. We headed back to the altar room with the privy and went through the eastern door to the last unexplored area on this floor — a room containing a pair of goblins, half a dozen dire rats, and a woman tied up atop an altar. StormSlayer got swarmed by the dire rats, but I cast a spell on them to make it more difficult to hit him, then scattered the weak-willed creatures with another spell so my companions could isolate and kill them. We kept one of the goblins alive for interrogation, and Reed freed the woman on the altar. We’ve discerned that she’s Mirtala, the cook, another of the villagers we’ve been searching for. That now makes four that we’ve rescued, just the priestess of Ioun, the guard captain and his son remain.

We’ve cleared this floor, but now we really need to rest and tend to everyone’s wounds. Mirtala and Varistan have contracted filth fever from dire rat bites, so they’ll need extra care. We are going to try resting outside of the catacombs, hopefully that’ll reduce the chances of encountering more goblins and undead.

StormSlayer Journal V

Once again this day has brought glory to Bahamut! I again have proven my worth to this band of adventurers and another maiden has been saved, although a bit catatonic either from dire rat filth fever or Kur’s dragon breath, both are very deadly.

I am short of wind as the last battle had me square up against six enemies at once, but not to be worried I was able to dispatch them with my Hammer of Justice once again. I feel my skills increasing at every adventure and I am yearning for the next battle.

We have traversed what seems to be the first level of the catacombs and we are now taking an extended rest. I will watch over the night as the others sleep again as I am fit for battle and not as weary or worn as some of my fellow companions. Well all for now I leave my next blank scrolls to tell more tales of my Hammer and Glory for Bahamut.


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