Rise of the Guardians

StormSlayer Journal VII

returning heroes

We ave completed our latest quest and are now on the return trip to Overlook to what I am sure will be a heroes welcome. The Nexus has been sealed and Orc hordes have been pushed back. My party has fared well and we have much bounty to be used in our return and perhaps towards that veterans armor of which i was eyeing earlier.

The battles were extensive in the Nexus and Palors Hammer of Justice was called into action to crackle with fiery vengeance in revenge of the slain dwarfs. Here is a simple image of what i have been tasked with as defender for this party


I am usually surrounded and taking the brunt of the fight, but that is my station and I do not shy from it. I have begun to question our onboarding of Kur. He is a keeper of secrets and i am not sure he is entirely on our side in the event of his brethren orc as he seems to converse with them often in battle and yet we always end up in quarrel.

He has also taken to some form of Orc cannibalism. i am not sure if it is for subsistence or pleasure but he has taken to the eating of his kills after he defeats them. He seems t be an outcast among his people form what i can ascertain.

Well enough for now i need rest and the next adventure awaits…..



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