Rise of the Guardians

Fantor's Journal 6

Sinruth is dead! It wasn’t an easy fight, though. In fact, I don’t think my teammates would have been able to kill him without me, as he was wearing a considerable amount of armor which made it difficult for them to harm him with weapons, but had no effect against my spells. After the battle, Sertanian was able to identify the helm and gauntlets that Sinruth had been wearing as two of the items we’re looking for. Now we just need to find the hammer and 3 shields that are still missing.

Between interrogating the goblin captive, discussions with the villagers we’ve saved thus far, and a note we found on Sinruth’s body, we’ve learned a number of important things. First, some 3rd party is the mastermind behind the goblin assault on Brindol. Not surprising, really, as goblins and hobgoblins aren’t smart enough to devise something like that on their own. Second, Sinruth and his crew were holing up here in the ruins of Castle Rivenroar, awaiting reinforcements, so we’d best not stay here much longer. Third, the guard captain, Kartenix, is plotting an escape attempt. Hopefully we can free him before he gets himself killed. Fourth, seems there’s a wight in charge of the undead around here. The goblins have an arrangement with the undead where so long as the former provide sacrifices to the latter, the undead will leave them alone. We need to hurry up and save the remaining kidnapped villagers, lest they get fed to the undead.



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