Rise of the Guardians

Fantor's Journal 8

We reached Overlook without further issues, though the guards outside the city weren’t too helpful in directing us where to go. Apparently they mistook us for refugees, as they tried to direct us to the Nine Bells district, can you believe that? Fortunately, I’d read about Overlook previously, and knew about the different districts within it, and with Shemnon’s help we were able to figure out how to traverse the city to the Blister district, where mercenaries can typically find work.

Reed somehow managed to finagle a discount from the proprietor of the Pig & Bucket Inn by claiming we were the Far Striders, and Varistan was kind enough to foot the bill for all of us. While I’m certain this will come back to bite us in the end, it certainly felt good to be able to take a hot bath and get a good night’s rest.

The next morning we, along with other adventuring groups, had an audience with the Council of Elders. We were met by cold stares from the Far Striders, so apparently word has spread of Reed’s deception. The Council tasked our group with warning the monks at the Monastery of the Sundered Chain up in the mountains of the impending attack from the Red Hand.

Our trek to the monastery was uneventful, but unfortunately it seems we have arrived too late. The gates to the monastery were ajar and within the courtyard we found orcs greedily devouring the corpses of the monks. We slew the orcs then hurried inside the monastery, hoping against hope to find some survivors.

Inside the monastery we found more orcs — a couple of archers, a few grunts, and a shaman of some sort. Kur charged forth and hacked the shaman to bits, while Reed, Stormslayer and Gypsum went after the archers. Shemnon and I provided backup for Kur as Varistan moved up to assist. During the battle, more orcs poured forth from a trapdoor beneath the altar. Fortunately, we were able to slay all of them without suffering grievous injuries. The only other exit from the room besides the one through which we came was the trapdoor, so we headed through it.



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