Rise of the Guardians

Fantor's Journal 9

The trapdoor led down to the sleeping chambers, where we found a number of monks slain in their beds, their killers — some orcs and a couple of orc/ogre hybrids — sifting through their remains. We quickly slew these foes then proceeded to the balcony on the opposite side of the room, where it opened up on a cavern, with a winding stone staircase leading downward. There were 4 orc crossbowmen on the landings below us that kept firing at us. Shemnon and I focused on them while the rest of the group made their way down the precarious staircase to engage the other orcs in melee. Two small drakes kept swooping down on them from above, making their descent more hazardous.

At one point Reed attempted to teleport out into midair to grab one of the drakes, but he missed and plummeted down into the depths, his small body laying shattered upon the rocks. I thought surely he was dead this time, but due to the valiant, albeit crazy, efforts of Stormslayer and Shemnon they were able to retrieve his body and revive him. How many more times must we save this suicidal halfling? How many more healing potions must we waste?



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