Rise of the Guardians

Kur's Honor Chronicle: 4th Entry

So much for getting any sleep. Just as I had laid out my bedroll I began to hear goblin chittering the door. It’s a good thing I was around to hear it otherwise the entire group would have wound up in some goblin’s stew tonight.

Instead of sticking around in the room we were in to get ambushed and slaughtered, we decided to do the slaughtering ourselves. We burst into the next room and laid waste to the goblins and magma claws that were preparing to burst in on us. My comrades fought well for the most part, except for Nancy, the glory theif. I’m not sure how his god decided to bestow gifts upon him. If I were a god, I probably would avoid giving my powers to someone who can’t help but to trip over his own weapon.

At any rate, we managed to kill all of our enemies in this part of the tomb and find two more of the kidnapped villagers. The one doesn’t look very good though. I think she is unclean. Speaking of which, the rats we fought in the tomb took a chunk out of Varistan as well (orcs would never be bested by a rat, but I guess that’s why Varistan chose to become a cleric instead of a warrior). He is not looking well. We’ll have to keep an eye on him.



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